Access ACS How To

This page is for our local members who physically attend our church. If you follow us on our live stream or have heard about us in some other way and would like to give you can click this link here! WFR Church Donations Thank you so much for your desire to give!

Follow this link to the ACS login page

Click “Need a Log in” underneath the blue log in box.

Enter your email address, first and last name

You will be instructed to return to your email

Once back in your email account, look for the email from WFR.

Open this email and follow the link to the reset password page.

Once your password is set you will be taken to the WFR member page

Church Life App

Once you have logged in you can now download the Church Life app on your phone.

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play search for “ACS Church Life”.

Download the app.

When prompted enter the same username and password you entered for your log in.

Enter your Phone Number Below so that you can receive text messages from WFR Church. (We will only send around 5-6 per year.)

WFR Church

At White's Ferry Road Church we love everybody. We want you to feel welcome and loved. If you have a need please don't hesitate to visit our contact page. We would love to hear from you.