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I am about to show you how to subscribe to the Whites Ferry Road Podcast. But before we get started I would like to say a few words about what I have learned about the digital age. We live in very interesting times. We are engulfed in technology. This new wave of instant information can be a blessing or it can be a curse. Over the course of history, humans have always desired the new and the latest. Its in our nature to desire the best, the fastest, and the most convenient. It feels good to have an endless sea of information sit right inside your pocket. I know that arguments between friends are a lot different now than they used to be. Years ago when I would get into arguments with my friends, no one could know who was exactly right about a fact until they were able to get home and crack open a bible, dictionary, or encyclopedia. Even if you were wrong you could maintain that you were correct and hope that the person you were arguing with would forget by the time they got home before they could fact check you. Those days are over. Any argument over a fact can be settled then and there with Google. Google, the great equalizer. The rich and the poor alike use the great machine that is Google.

Technology, as I have said before, can be a great servant and a terrible master. If you allow technology to run your life then you have found yourself in a hole that a lot of others have found themselves in. Technology is a double edged sword. The era of Facebook has brought old friends back together, and helped great causes find a solid foundation for perpetuating their ideas and products but at the same time Facebook has drawn the attention of spouses away from each other, it has eaten up the time that parents and grandparents alike could have spent on their children and grandchildren. It’s funny this juxtaposition of good and bad coming from one entity.

Sin is the perversion of the design of God. When we take something that is meant for good and pervert that design we find ourselves in sin. When we take something like technology, whether it be the TV we watch daily, the iPhone that never leaves our side or our laptops, when we take these things and allow them to control us, we sin. Plain and simple. When we are more concerned about our own selfish desire of instant gratification and forgo the desires and needs of those around us, we sin. This new age that we live in is exciting. Full of new opportunities and adventures. I should know because my entire job is based on technology. But we must make it our slave and not our master. We must use the blessing of mass communication to further the kingdom of God. We cant allow this great opportunity to use us and loose us, so to speak.

Please consider these words, because they come from someone who at one time was consumed with technology and its inner workings. I struggle with the desire to avoid intimacy and bury myself in my own digital world. Let me tell you, it’s not a healthy and fulfilling life. This is the nature of sin. Sin is believing the lie that I can find true joy and meaning in gratifying my own desires. True fulfillment and true joy can only come from pleasing the Creator. Now with that being said lets take a look at how to use technology in an effective way that can help further the kingdom of The Living God.

We have a few classes that are going on at our church right now that you wont be able to find any where else. We have speakers and teachers here that are among some of the best in the world. Some of you may not know it but Whites Ferry Road is a world renown church. Here is how you can take advantage of the blessing of great teachers.

This tutorial will be for iphone users only. I dont want to get into how apple products are superior to all others. Well to be honest I do, but I wont. If you dont have an iPhone and you want the best mobile and desktop experience then I would suggest ditching the money hungry, garbage software perpetuating, Steve Jobs impersonating company Microsoft and go buy some apple products. 🙂 Lets get started.


On your iphone locate the podcast app icon. It will look like this. Once you have found it click it.



After the app opens you should be on the “Featured” section of the app. What we want is to be on the “Search” section of the app. We are going to Search for “wfr church”. The “Search” button is located at the bottom right. It will look like this.



Now you should be on the “Search” section of the app. Now we want to type in “wfr church” in the text field. It will look like this. Once you type in “wfr church” you will click the Blue Search button at the bottom of the screen.




Now you should see a list of all of our podcasts. At the top you will see the podcasts. At the bottom you will see individual episodes. Click one of the podcasts on top. For now we will use the “7 Feasts of Israel” podcast as an example.




What we are going to do now is “Subscribe” to the podcast. What this does is whenever we post a new episode you will be notified.




You will know that you are subscribed to a podcast by seeing this where the subscribe button once was.




If you have an internet connection through data or wifi you can stream the podcast directly from iTunes by clicking anywhere in the red circle.with-data


If you are going to be in an area that you won’t be able to connect to the internet through data or wifi then you will want to download the episode directly to your phone so that you can listen to it with no connection necessary. You will do this by clicking the small cloud located to the right of the episode.




You can access all of the podcasts that you have subscribed to by clicking the “My Podcasts” button at the bottom of the


Here you will see a list of all the podcasts you have subscribed to. Click any of them to see a full view of the episodes therein. The little red number beside the podcast is number of episodes you have that have not been listened to yet.



As of right now we have 5 podcasts. You can click any one of the below titles to automatically take you to iTunes and subscribe.

1. The Seven Feasts of Israel – This class takes a look at the 7 feasts that God commanded of the Israelites and how they foreshadowed the coming of Christ.

2. The Womans Role – Mike Kellett explores the passages in the bible that discuss the woman role in the church.

3. The Doctrine of The Holy Spirit – Zach Dasher teaches a 6 week advanced leadership class on The Doctrine Of The Holy Spirit. This is a longer podcast because it is a 2 hour class that he teaches on Wednesday nights. This is an excellent class.

4. Phil Robertson presents The Gospel – For a time Phil Robertson taught in our large auditorium. When he did we recorded his classes. He presents the same message every week. The gospel of Jesus Christ. We filmed several classes and now we are presenting them all. Phil is a one of a kind speaker. Check this one out.

5. WFR Church Service Audio – This is the audio portion of the sermons that we hold every week.

We take a lot of pride in our work. We try to make every effort to make all of our media available to the world. We are shaping technology to conform to Mark 16:15 – “He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” We are taking the gospel and preaching it throughout all the world by using technology as our worker. If you would like to watch our live stream click here. And click here to go to our media page that has the majority of this content. We hope you enjoy the content that we provide. But more than that we hope that you are spiritually edified by it.

Zac Stephens

Zac Stephens is the media minister at Whites Ferry Road Church. He has a background in video and television production. He has been working with the church professionally since 2014.

3 thoughts on “WFR Church Podcast – How To Subscribe

  • February 4, 2015 at 4:35 pm

    Dear Brother Zac,
    I have an Android tablet and phone. Is there a way to get the podcast on the android? Also, how do I set up the podcast on a laptop?
    Thank you
    God Bless You
    In His Name
    Brother Perry W Beard

  • Zac Stephens
    February 4, 2015 at 4:43 pm

    I’ve done a little research and you may be able to click one of the links on this post to the podcast you would like to listen to. It should bring you to an iTunes page within the web browser. I don’t have an android so I can’t test this theory out. I also found a link on Wikihow that may shed some light on it for you.

  • February 13, 2015 at 10:00 am

    I know of your church from Larry West (and of course the Robertson’s). I have been struggling with some church of Christ practices at my local non-instrumental congregation. I am contemplating moving my family to a instrumental church of Christ but of course wanted to make sure it would not jeopardize my salvation. I was never able to completely subscribe to the idea that it did. In my search I stumbled upon your podcast on women’s role. Interestingly, I battling the practice of the non-instrumental church of allowing women to lead songs and teach adults. Again, this was another area I never could grasp before and always wondered if it was more cultural then we wanted to admit. I am so thankful for the lesson and have a much greater understanding of those scriptures. It has helped me understand the various views. I do believe the interpretation presented gels with the teaching of Jesus much more!! Thanks again!!


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